Dear Yankee Bill (and friends)
If I get a phone number from Bruno for the bloke with the perilous yacht - I will call him.   The new owner goes in and out from the Shell Point Yard and ties up there.
MG was just here - he's had a tooth out - and has visited Medicare to try and agree on a suitable date of birth for him to use - HA!
He warns me that there will be strong winds tomorrow 'possible 30 knots' - and for all his madness he is often quite right in his forecasts.
Here is the weekend weather forecast and all the wind they say is for 15-20 knots and from the North.
So if that yacht breaks loose it's going to join the Lewis Ship Graveyard that they seem to be establishing in front with the old Canberra and end up like this one.
Thanks for the heads up about the movie tonight on SBS-2 about taking a boat across a mountain - I may have seen it a long time ago - but I will have a look again.   Klaus Kinski and Claudia Cardinale make it worth having a look.
 * * * * * * * * *
You 'almost' scored a goal at soccer eh?
Well that's pretty good Bill.
Last week I 'almost' caught a fish
'almost'  had a date with Claudia Cardinale
and 'almost' found a million dollars in my pocket
then I bumped my head and woke up.
But don't give up after all these years - I'm sure
there's a goal out there somewhere
with your name on it.
from your  friends
Rodney & Penny