This photo was taken just a few minutes ago
while I was laying upstairs reading last week's paper.
Your yacht appears just fine on this pleasant sunny afternoon.
A little while ago Yankee Bill sent me a kind email invitation as follows:
. . . at tonight's game, do you want to come along and watch? Pizza after.
Do you see the dastardly cunning of the man
to link punishment and reward
in such a way.
It doesn't occur to him that I could just go and eat pizza on it's own
without having to be de-brained and tortured beforehand
by being forced to watch a group of elderly men
stumbling about a paddock chasing a ball.
Whilst frequently falling over
and feigning injury.
As generous and tempting as the offer plainly is
I think I could just stay right here at home
fill a bag with cockroach spray
and stick it over my head
for 90 minutes.
Just while I happen to be on the subject of 'cockroaches'
I can confirm that the terrifying appearance of a
giant cockroach walking across my arm
the other night whilst watching
an equally scary movie
ended thus
This fellow appeared out of nowhere and the first we've seen in over a year.  
I think he's come across from the big ferry nearby that was upwind
at the time in strong breezes - and he's blown directly here.
It's not really possible for a land cockroach to fly right out here.
I also cross-examined MG in case it might have come here
hitching a free ride in that old timber wreck of a lifeboat he uses
but he says he has none aboard his yacht.
So I suspect that it's another rare instance like last year
when we had that giant crane barge tied nearby.
No doubt our lights at night are appealing.
You can tell that he had not been in contact with people
as he was stupid in his cavalier approach to us.
He was dispatched immediately and we've seen no sign of anything else.
If there was anything else here Penny would know
immediately - because she can sniff them
and on the couple of occasions in
the past 3 years - she has
pointed the unusual
So we can safely say that there are NONE aboard.
(that she or I know of - HA!)
So that's all for now
from your friends
Rodney & Penny
This is what Yankee Bill is trained to do
if it looks like the other team
is going to score.