And little Penny just relishes going ashore and visiting friends - and anywhere new that she can sniff out and explore.   She always likes to see Bill & Wendy - who live on shore looking straight out at us - and they invariably spoil her with treats and pats - and she loves the attention.
On a cold day the merest shiver is enough for her to be wrapped in a blanket.
Wendy teases and tempts Penny with a freshly baked pie
that has come straight out of the oven and smells just great to a little dog.
Snuggled up on the lounge is a job Penny can handle just fine.
And it was just the other day that Laurie, Penny & I, went for a drive to visit
old yachtie Ivan - a good friend of Bruno's (who as you know is away on holidays).
Ivan was pleased to see us - and both he and Penny seemed amused
listening to Laurie's stories of events around the bay.
Penny always likes to drop in on Phil so she can inspect
what progress he has been making on his boat.
Everyone waits to hear her assessment.
But after a long day visiting a dog can get a little tired
and it's good to get home for a rest.