Whadaya mean callin' our email a 'stinker' Ratso.
Our emails don't stink - that's just our pot pourri of photos.

Well here we are at long last again.   You must think we're the laziest pair of emailers around, it's been that long since the last newsletter - but the fact is - that it's mostly because we have too many other emails to do these days, that we never get around to doing the larger ones like this.

Unlike the well structured and story-like tales we usually do - this one is just a mixture of photos of things happening in our part of the world with no plan or purpose to the email really - HA!
But if you study it all closely you may detect the underlying regular theme of lots of things going on around us - and Penny & me doing nothing.   So what's new about that?   Is it a crime to relax?
Well if it is, then just call us a pair of backsliding recidivists.
Penny follows the rule of 'always put your best foot forward' - but then after that vigorous activity - 'roll over and go back to sleep'.
You can see little Peter rowing ashore in his pram bow dinghy
every few days - and usually in lively conversation
with his mystery passenger.
On the other hand with friend Keith - it's always
eyes forward - dead straight - motor hard
and talk to no-one - HA!
We've recently had some mystery construction going on
over on the far side near the Island Nature Reserve
and so we just had to go and see what it was.
Now that's odd because you don't see a lot of giraffes in suits around here.   Must be a government official.

If you guessed from those rows of big pole pylons, that it's a new wharf for the use of the many thousands of boat owners around the place - well sorry - but you'd be wrong.   You'd be completely crazy!


B u t   if you guessed - two long landing perches for small Russian birds to sit on after a tiring flight - then you'd be completely correct - and presumably sane.   Just like the government department that thought it up and spent the fortune doing it.


I wonder where they sat for the last ten thousand years - and whether they'll be paying any fees - - like we are.

HA!  Fooled ya Ratso - it's a sunrise
And here's a picture of Penny manning her usual lookout position
You'd better wake up Penny - because it's time for lunch
and it's something you like to nibble on too.
Well that's all for now
but keep an eye out for our next exciting episode