Well HELLO! in 2010
and a big to all our friends.
As you'd expect - we got together on one of the boats for a 'feed & a few drinks' and to see in the New Year - and view the not too distant fireworks (weather permitting).   Ricardo & Tanya on the nearby ferry extended the invitation and nearly all the locals were there - and as per usual there seemed to be enough food to feed a small African nation.  But I still can't work out who that 'big fat stranger' is in all the pictures - HA!

Penny stayed home to mind the boat - because it was a 'sit-down dinner' - and there is another dog 'Carla' - who lives on the ferry anyway - and it was just 'easier'. 
(this was not a panorama - but the 2 close photos merged - sort of - HA!)
Just for the record - we had - lots of nibbly entrees - oysters (huge local ones Andy picked himself) - prawn platters (medium imported ones - I 'handpicked' at Coles) - crumbed chicken - Italian lasagne (a Bruno recipe) - various homemade tossed salads - and cake trifle and custard for dessert - not to mention that there was a 'small amount' of wine and beer consumed - I'm not sure of the exact quantity.
We are located approximately 12 miles due south of Sydney Harbour in Botany Bay (where the International Airport is situated) - but we have a reasonable view of the Harbour fireworks in the distance - even if they are not directly overhead.
But if we had been RIGHT THERE - this is a small bit of what we would have seen.
A gathering crowd around a beautiful harbour.
The best New Year's Eve fireworks in the world - over Sydney Harbour Bridge - Australia
So we stayed up late - and saw the New Year arrive
but Carla who lives on the ferry - found the whole 'party thing' very tiring.
So there you have it - our first email of 2010 - and I hope we will have many more to come - with new and interesting pictures and exciting news - but if not . . .
we will just 'make something up' - - as usual - HA!
And stay tuned for our next exciting episode . . .
so it's bye for now - until then
from your friends