'A Pirate needs a Parrot' - or at least some kind of bird hanging off him
and a small dog on your shoulder just doesn't look 'piratical' enough
Now while I will probably just have to stick with Penny - because I can't see having a parrot on one shoulder and a small dog on the other - being a working arrangement - there are others who prefer birds.
And that is how - when friend Keith (a sailor in need of an impeller for a water pump) came along for the ride - - what started out as trip for boat parts - - - and dropping in to have a quick look at old friend Rose's cantankerous computer - - - became . . . . . .
Well - as you can see - it's not really a 'parrot' - in the classic pirate style
but nevertheless he's a pretty grand looking bird.
It's 'Johnny' - an Australian white Cockatoo - and he's about 15 years old
and he lives smack dab - centre stage in their kitchen.
This situation of the cockatoo jumping straight on to Keith's shoulder really amazed me - because I had visited before - and the bird and I, always seemed to keep a safe distance from each other - but as soon as he saw Keith - who went straight up to him without concern - he instantly hopped across on to his shoulder - and happily stayed there.
I'm sure the big cockatoo either knew that I was hesitant about him - or who knows - maybe I smelled of 'pirate dog' Penny - (or just smelled - HA!)   But whatever the case - he never came near ME - which suited me fine.
Well I don't know about you - but I reckon it's a good look
and that Keith ought to get his own cockatoo - and wear him all the time.
(particularly when he goes to the supermarket)
It seems it was a week of computer problems around the relatives and friends circle - but then what week isn't?   Because we are all forever cursed with computers that I'm convinced do things deliberately wrong - just to frustrate and infuriate us - at every opportunity.
So it came to be - that I was talking to my Uncle Dick on the phone (you may recall him from the photos a long while back of his 80th Birthday party) - and he asked us to come up to Penrith for a visit and sort some things out with his computer - and to have a long overdue visit.   So the other day Penny & me loaded ourselves in the old red bomb car - and headed out west - to spend some time with them - and this is what happened on . . . . . . . .
And while we were there - other old friends Peter & Bev Woods who'd rung me earlier
dropped in to see us - and have some afternoon tea with Dick & Elsie.
Now you will recall Peter & Bev from this shot that I made and sent around, while they away,
done because we hadn't received any photos to prove they were on holidays at all - HA!
W  E  L  L  . .  .
little did we know that they had brought along their laptop computer - which was loaded
with thousands of photos from their holiday in South America.
To be fair - their South American photos were really excellent
and I copied the lot to have a look at back here - and pick out some of the best
from waterfalls to glaciers to carnivale - a wonderful selection.
But as little Penny said - it was a lot of photos - - - and a long day
and we still had to come all the way back - driving east until we ran out of land
and then hopping in a little boat and going even further
until we found our floating home and bed in the bay.
But as always it was great to see our family and friends - back home.
Well that's all for now - make sure you stay tuned - and ready
for our next thrilling adventure.
and we'll say - bye for now
'Watch out for the flu'