The other evening I took a series of 22 photos of the full view around the yacht
and have now combined them into a 360 Panorama.
original series
As I've explained before - it's not difficult and I don't use a tripod.   The photos are just taken - hand held - pivoting around and making sure that each image overlaps the previous one by about a third or so.   Try and keep the camera steady and level - with the horizon in the same place.   You can take panoramas of any scene even people in a room - and fairly close.
The closer you are the more important it is to hold the camera still and just pivot it in the one spot - otherwise the shots are from different positions and not continuous overlaps.   But if you are taking from a distance you can just turn around - taking photo by photo as you slowly spin.
A panorama program like 'Arcsoft Panorama Maker' or 'Panorama Studio' then merges all the photos together automatically into one large image and can also create the movie or viewer you see on the pages below.
It is no more difficult than 3 clicks and then sit and watch the program create the photo.
In it's original full resolution the panorama was a huge 16,000 x 2,073 pixels and 19 Mb.
(which is approximately 16 computer screens long)
But after some work in Photoshop and then the Advanced JPEG Compressor programs
I have resized it and optimized it to a more 'viewer friendly' size of less than 500 Kb.
I have also made it as a full 360 continuous panorama which can be viewed
either as a Quicktime VR Movie - or using a Javascript Panorama viewer.
If you're not sure what to do - just open each page and see if it works for you.
The worst that can happen is that the pano viewers don't display it for you.
Just wait for about 30 seconds and see if it works - for most people - it will.
There are several ways you can view the amazing image
please click on the buttons below to have a look.
After you open the Pano Viewer pages below
in order to move the panorama image around the full 360 view
hold down the L Button on your mouse - on the window - and drag in any direction.
as a continuous 360 view (requires the Quicktime Player) - please wait up to 30 seconds
(requires 'javascript to be enabled' in your browser)
please wait 30 seconds for the page to load
There is also more information about how to do the panorama photos
on this page that I made a long time ago - with some instructions and examples.
I hope you enjoy the images - please let me know.