Oh Wallace, I don't know what all the fuss is about - it was only a small explosion last time - and we didn't do it on purpose - and Gromit you really don't need to worry because Penny & me are sending you a special friendly email this time - all about . . . . . . . .



They're a friendly lot hereabouts - and some of them even fancy they can cook too - and that's how it came about - that one day when we were visiting Bill, he said that his specialty (really his only specialty) was a Tuna Bake - and that he would make one for us sometime.   And sure enough he did - and turned up out here at the yacht in his runabout, with it - just for Penny and me.   Which we thought was pretty good - of him - and it even tasted great too - HA!





Well of course Penny IS a connoisseur of fine food.
Which is quite true - because she will take or leave a meat pie with one sniff.
So for her to keenly devour Bill's Tuna Bake - is actually a very good tick of approval.



And she also had no problem with a  P I Z Z A  kindly dropped off to us
from friend Bruno - a few weeks later.

Looks pretty yummy - eh?







Now I wouldn't want you to think that we are being catered to by some kind of 'Meals Afloat'
(not that that would be a bad thing - and we'd like to encourage it whenever possible)
but these sets of photos were actually taken about a month or so apart

And as it then turned out
friend Bruno off the nearby yacht had been cooking a large pot of mussels
and had the kind thought to bring some of them over to me to try
for which idea - we'd like to highly commend him - HA!

















So there you have it - some friendly food - from friends
much appreciated - by Penny & me - as we try to be good friends too

and that's why we always say . . . .