Rodney & Penny - we're a 'Bedtime Story' - bound to cause nightmares
Well try as I might - I just can't keep up with all the letters - and have to keep saying sorry - to lot's of friends.   The trouble is that I spend so much time answering letters that I don't get anything else done - like creating new pages and doing the photos - for everyone to see.   And always there are lots of questions - lots and lots - and although it is natural - it's very easy to ask - but it takes me a long time to answer properly.
Also, I should point out - that there's a lot of 'one-way traffic' with the emails and questions - in that I seem to often get just a couple of words or lines - and end up writing back an elaborate page to answer - which hardly seems fair - when a lot of the time you don't tell me anything about yourself.
And let's also be frank - there is a massive amount of photos and information - really answering a lot of the questions - (about the yacht and our life) - already on the website.
There are now 88 of just these email newsletters alone - all new and original - and every one completely different - with elaborate graphics - and many hundreds of excellent photos.   Not to mention the other thousands of photos and pages - contained in the Galleries and rest of the website.   (Maybe I need to do an 'About Us' page as well, or a 'Frequently Asked Questions About Our Odd Life' page - HA!)
And although many who explore the site - write to me - to say how much pleasure they've had looking at what's there - and come away smiling, and feeling happy and uplifted - I can understand that a lot of people do not want to spend the time - and rather ask me direct - which is just fine because either way I love to get friendly emails.   BUT - and it's a big BUT - it's getting harder and harder for me to keep up with it all - without letting other things go - and as I keep saying - nothing is getting done around the yacht either.
So here is a new rule . . .
I might make this Rule #2
which means that it comes
immediately after Rule #1 - 'Women Visitors should be Topless'
and before Rule #3 - 'You can't bury LambChop Bones in the bed'
(and I'm getting very tired of all these important rules being constantly ignored)
Well, that now brings us to the actual subject of todays newsletter . .
or to put it another way
This yacht lifted out at the shipyard was one of the worst we've seen
it had not been out of the water for 8 years
and the growth was amazing.
The yacht was towed here from nearby Kogarah Bay - and as owner John (below)
said to me:   'I'm glad we didn't try and motor over'
Despite all this growth - he points out with some pride that underneath
the solid steel hull is still in good shape
This apparently comes close to being the worst the shipyard has seen
(but then they haven't seen 'Machine Gun's' boat that's been in the water for 26 years - HA!)

All boats have sacrificial Zinc blocks bolted to them underwater - which corrode away in about a year - thus saving the hull and fittings from damage.   They need to be changed regularly so that the boat is protected - and unless the boat is out of the water - it is necessary to DIVE to change them over.

At the same time, it's an opportunity to scrape some growth off the propeller and rudder - so that they work properly.

These shots were taken under Yankee Bill's yacht
the first ones show the state of the propeller - before - and then after
so until next time
bye for now

Sydney, Australia