scrolling musical collage page
This is the Shell Point Marina at dead low tide.   There is a tidal drop of 5-6 feet.
People usually plan their trips ashore to avoid having to wade through mud.
This is the propeller on Yankee Bill's yacht - overgrown with barnacles
before we scraped it clean.
That's just where Penny sleeps - every night - under her old quilt - on the bed beside me
it was on Mum's lounge since forever - and Penny has slept in it now
for quite a few years too.
She knows just how to burrow straight between the folds
to find her warm nesting spot - and will frequently just stick her head out beside me
to check on things - and pull it back in like a turtle.
so until next time
bye for now
PS  Only a few days after the photos were taken - the 'zombie cat' completely disappeared off the yacht and has never been seen again.   Everyone believes it died and just somehow fell overboard - but no-one knows.   Maybe it really is a zombie - and could still be walking around UNdead somewhere.
'It was time for another Cat Scan'
Sydney, Australia