Everyone seemed to enjoy the scrolling collage we did - of all the photos from last month - and I received lots of complimentary emails back - which was pleasing.   A few people commented that the way it was made - the writing and comments on some of the photos - faded off the screen - and couldn't be read.   Well of course that is quite true - and it was the effect of the fading and overlapping of 40 large photos into the one blended image by the auto collage program - and that was how it was supposed to look.
But of course even though the collage was quite impressive (if I say so myself) you then did not get to see the full photos which I had done during the month - as I didn't send them out in any newsletters.   So I have presented them here - in 2 emails - of about 20 photos each - and they are all the photos that appeared on the scrolling musical collage page.
So I hope you enjoy viewing - the . . .
(with some comments - as usual)
I've been catching bream - quite regularly off the side of the yacht
as there is always lots of them feeding under the hulls of the yachts on the growth.
It has been a few months since you last heard anything about the mooring block
but at long last (and only about 4 months overdue) - it was finally brought out into the bay
and dropped to the bottom - in our new location - and we are safely secured to it.
We were invited across to have dinner with Bruno and Ann
and their Jack Russell Terrier 'Ariel'
Penny & Ariel watch each other constantly but keep their distance.
Showing off a new haircut and trim - and looking 'almost civilized'.
I will send the rest of the photos in the next email
immediately following this one.
so until then
bye for now
Sydney, Australia