That's right, it's summertime here - and we've had our share of 40°C days.
But let me tell you - that 40° here on Botany Bay with a nice sea breeze and sitting in the shaded cockpit of the yacht - is a helluva lot more pleasant than 40&° in the dry paddock.
And of course - it's not quite so far to go - if you want to have a swim anytime to cool off even more.   So it was on a particularly last Saturday - that I decided it was an ideal time to combine - having a swim - with cleaning off the bottom of the Pride runabout - that's sat here in the water for the last 9 months slowly turning into a living, floating reef.
There's so much spongy, weedy, shell growth on the bottom of it - it's impossible for it go at any speed - and no chance of it planing.   It had lived all it's life on a trailer - and went into the water here without any antifouling paint - so there's nothing to do but - - - - start scraping.
So Penny & I (and neighbour yachtie Keith came along for the run) took it around the point to a popular boating beach spot - pulled up close to the shore - and I hoopped over the side.
Penny the expert - as always - supervised the whole operation
watching everything very closely - and putting in her 2¢ worth - at every opportunity.
Well with Penny 'soaking up the rays' as usual - I battled on alone - and with my long arms, eventually got most of the growth scraped off the bottom - but let me tell you I was pretty well exhausted by the time it was done - and needed to spend the rest of the day on the cushions myself - - - - - - - - - - Penny however, didn't seem the slightest bit tired.
Even though the rest of the day was spent 'recovering' from the boat cleaning excursion - the following day (when we should have still been resting) found us on the go again.   With a quiet Sunday in the boatyard - and a fairly flat calm bay - it was the best time to do a 'water run' - and see if the new collapsible water tank - I'd got at the Aldi Store - coud be put together (un-collapsed) placed in the 'newly cleaned' runabout - and taken to shore - filled with water - to top up the water tanks of the yacht.
You will recall that I have previously taken the yacht across to the Motor Boat Club and put fresh water in the tanks - and of course this is still available.   But it is just as easy - or hard - to make a couple of trips to the nearby dock with the runabout - fill up this water tank - and bring it to the yacht - and pump it in - as it is to release the mooring - run the main engine the couple of miles across and back - with the added challenge of safely docking and re-mooring the yacht.   The cost in time and fuel - is probably the same whichever way we do it.
I also wanted to see if the system worked satisfactorily enough that we could also make some trips - for water - to fill up some of the other yachts here (most of whom would only need one load each) - and thus save each one of them the burden of carrying 20L water containers to and from their yachts - every day of their lives.
It's a 2 man operation - so once again I enlisted the aid of Keith off the nearby yacht.
We adults firstly had to assemble the 'plug n play' - 'garden water storage container'
on the deck - without the aid of a child to show us.
Then it was in to the shipyard on the point - to fill it up with a hose at the dock.
As you can see - it's a pretty big water container - and can hold 1000L.
We didn't fill it right up - only about ¾ - because with the two of us as well
the runabout was starting to get a bit too low in the water.
And then back to the yacht - where we tied alongside - and used a 240v pump on deck to pump the water straight up from the container and into the yacht's tanks.   As I've told you before - the yacht has the capacity to hold over 10,000L of water but I have never put in more than 4,000L.   The water is really only used for hot (frugal) showering every day and for washing - and we could use on average 800L per month.
As you can see the wind and water on the bay started to freshen up a bit too
so we only made the one trip - which was pretty straightforward.
So all being well - the next time we have a quiet day again
we will try and do a few more trips not only for me - but for the others as well .
So that was how we spent last weekend - and oh yes - there was also another spectacular sunsset on Saturday night - one to really 'write home about' - so here it is . . . . . . . . . . .
Pretty amazing eh? - and I've uploaded an even better - larger version
which you really should have a look at.
So until next time
bye for now