Well it hardly seems possible but the New Year is already 2 weeks old and trampling forward squashing everyone in the way - maybe something happened to the clocks because it seems that the days are just flying past even faster than last year.

Two of the big boats - Clay's Ferry - and Sam's 'Asama' (with Keith on board helping) - left before New Year's Eve to make the short day trip to Sydney Harbour for the fireworks show - and to get in position in the Harbour early.   The rest of us stayed here - only about 10 miles away 'as the seagull flies' - and whilst the fireworks are not going off over your head - we still get a pretty good view.
So it came to be, that a small crowd gathered aboard our yacht - where there is room to fit everyone comfortably around the big cockpit - and enjoy some drinks, conversation, and see the distant show - and here are the photos from  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Bill, Penny, Laurie, Andy
It was starting to get pretty crowded back there.
Thank you Penny - I DO know how to take photos.
Is this one better?
A 'painted' portrait I did for his sister.
And Nature provided us with her own light show again.
Ssssooo - you may ask - Where are the fireworks? - well I didn't even try to take a photo, because a nice breeze had come up - which helped keep the sky clear and good viewing - but we were moving about a little - and the show was a fair way off.   There was little chance of getting any long distance shots in focus - so you'll just have to make do with the one at the top.
But as you can see it was a good gathering aboard - and a pleasant visit from all around.
Well this is turning into quite a large email - even by our standards - what with all the photos and these fireworks animations - so we'll finish up - and as usual - say . . . . .
bye for now
from your friends