Well, I'm afraid he didn't get one.
But - here it comes now - and about time too.
I hardly know where to begin - and I almost forgot how to do these email newsletters it's been that long since the last one - it's a disgrace really - and all I can do is apologise to all our friends - who love to hear and see what's been going on - and haven't.
You can understand what happens though - when I have always been sending out the latest photos - every few days - and all the news - for so long - and you get behind - and things start to pile up.   Letters don't get answered - and it just get's worse and worse - until here we are - it's a whole new year - and all of December has passed with Christmas and New Year celebrations - apparently gone missing.
There have been lot's of visitors here to Penny & me - family and pirate gatherings - visits and photos of other boats - dramas - storms - celebrations - and of course beautiful sunsets as always.
So somehow - I have to try and get all the amazing images I've been taking - out to you - without losing the story plot - and jumping all over the place.    But I think we may have to just post a large gallery of all the missed photos up to thedogpaddler - and send it to you - soon.
But - I have no choice now but to at least pass on some of the photos from Christmas here in the Bay - and the days since.      So here we go . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Penny and I had been back up home a few days before for a 'pre-christmas' lunch - so we decide to spend a quiet day right here aboard - rather than drive back out and around.   We had some kind invitations to dinner from a few friends - and despite our best 'un' laid plans - the day seemed to roll along with it's own momentum - and ended up pretty 'full' (or was that me).
Laurie, naturally invited everyone to call around in the morning for a 'bit of a breakfast get together' - which he and his visiting girlfriend Mai - were putting on - so Penny and I - happily motored over.   But not before we at least managed to get this early photo off to everyone.
So we were not completely derelict in our duty.
Well it wasn't very long before the place was full up - with all of us - talking and enjoying a full Thai breakfast feast (which of course means about 10 different dishes & beer - which is a pretty challenging start to a Christmas Day.    Penny of course - just revelled in it all.
this photo was taken with Laurie's new $70 camera - not bad eh?
As always - Penny was well behaved - and the 'perfect guest - even if she still thinks she's entitled to sit at the table - like every other normal person.
After a very hearty breakfast - Laurie somehow persuaded the women to go for a Christmas sightseeing trip to the sandbar to 'visit the crabs' at low tide - and off they all went.
Well it certainly looked like the Santa Train - was well under way
but it could have been going anywhere - at this stage.
Well I'd like to be able to tell you that - we went home - and rested quietly for the remainder of the day - but of course the next few hours was spent in telephone calls - and Skype calling people - for all the usual family greetings and Christmas wishes - which of course is an absolute - 'must do' - on the day.
But there was of course more to come - and around mid afternoon - we jumped in the runabout again - and putted across to see Bruno & Anne - who had kindly invited us to come over for a Xmas drink - (another one!) - and for Penny to have a visit with Ariel (you know - 'the barker').
As you can see - the yacht is very nicely set up - and beautifully maintained inside - with shiny varnish - nice upholstery and everything neatly in place.   Unlike a certain other big yacht nearby - where a man and a tiny dog live alone - (clearly without proper female guidance) - which would only need a 'roll-a-door' fitted in the side for it to become a 'backyard storage shed'.
For anyone that's wondering - we did in fact have a photo taken of the giant whale sprawled out on their settee - after trying some of Bruno's home made Almond liqueur - but thankfully they were extremely blurred - and almost unusable - maybe I could blur them some more . . . . . .
As you can see - we had a very pleasant and relaxing visit with them - and Ariel.
And being as intrepid as we are - we left before dark - with the best of intentions of taking a quick run across to shore to visit Bill & Wendy - as we'd promised - but after a few hundred metres - we lost confidence in the grumbling outboard - Penny looked at me worriedly - and we decide to abort the voyage and head for home and our own waiting cushions.
So - while you - probably spent Christmas with your family around the big table - Penny and I had a water borne - floating about - visiting other boats - kind of day - which was just fine.
I'll do my best to send you another 'bunch of stuff' - very soon.
So until our next 'PENNY WAKE UP! THERE'S A BOAT HERE'  report.
bye for now
Sydney, Australia