Friends Bill & Wendy - who live over on shore opposite - at Taren Point, were kind enough to invite Penny and I for a 'Baked Dinner' one Sunday evening - and we of course - were kind enough to accept - Ha! - you couldn't keep us away - in fact, as most people will tell you - once Penny & I have 'infiltrated' - we damn near 'move in' - as Bill & Wendy discovered.
It will go down again - as another 'Trouble dogs their every step' - adventure
and will probably be remembered by Bill & Wendy - as . . . . .

It had already started out a pretty busy day on board the yacht
what with another unexpected visit from 'Leonard' - much to Penny's disgust
He's always coming around lately, and Penny's fed up with it . . .
[and for those of our overseas friends who have no idea who Leonard Teal(e) is -
well - he was a famous Aussie TV actor in 'Homicide' - many years ago]
Leonard and his girlfriend (or maybe this is the girlfriend - how would you know?) who both mostly hang out at Keith's yacht for the multi-grain bread he tosses - frequently paddle over here - just to annoy Penny.   And as has been pointed out to us several times - they are 'not ducks' - 'they're teals' - but Penny doesn't give 2 quacks for any of that, and always gives them a piece of her small mind - and a loud barking.   As far as she is concerned they are just more 'rats with wings' coming too close to her yacht.
Now as I mentioned - we had received a written (email) invitation to dine ashore - and so it was necessary to make some preparations.   Penny of course had - as usual - certain requirements - that I naturally passed on to Bill & Wendy.
And she offered to contribute something to the banquet.
And as we had been invited to turn up at around 6 pm - which was precisely when high tide would be - I took a run over at around 12 noon (dead low tide) - to have a look at how things were in front of his place - for us to bring the runabout to shore that evening - and how far out we would need to anchor and wade in - at 6pm.
This older photo shows the scene at low tide.
At 6 pm high tide - the water would be at least a metre higher and lapping at his wall.
So going on what you see here
I decided we would need to tie the runabout out at the furthest post - and walk in
and then a few hours later on - at 1/2 tide - we could still wade back out to the boat.
We would definitely need to wear shorts - me at least - Penny 'optional'.
So at the appointed time - having fasted all day in preparation
Penny & I arrived for the sumptuousess-es - and started straight in sumptuousing
You would think that the whole banquet had been specially prepared just for Penny
well SHE certainly seemed to think so.
'I am too - allowed to put my foot on the table - Bill said so'
We enjoyed a lovely baked dinner and some wine
and although I tried to get a good shot of Wendy - this is the best I could achieve.
And we finished off with a tray of sliced tropical fruits
(some of which Penny brought - see photo higher up)
with freshly whipped cream - which Penny liked even more.
Well naturally after a sumptuous meal such as we'd had - Penny and I always like to relax
and just settle down for a while comfortably, and enjoy the conversation.
Even Port and Cigars was on offer and let me tell you - I was mightily tempted to have one too because as I've often said - I would just l-o-v-e  to smoke again because I always enjoyed smoking for the more than 30 years I did - but I have not smoked now for maybe 4 years or more and have no intention of resuming - as much as I say I'd like too.   For me it was never the health issue - but only the ridiculous cost of it - just going up in smoke each week - that stopped me in the end.   But I do miss the relaxing, narcotic, pleasure of just sitting having a smoke - and if they were giving them away free - I'd probably be smoking again.
But anyway - we sniffed the banded cigar - and enjoyed the aroma of it - but none of us lit it.
So - eventually - having supped and talked and played and relaxed - 'Big Roo & Little Penny' - had to go home - and out to the runabout and back across the dark bay - to our floating abode.
We bid our hosts, thanks and goodnight
and headed outside to the water's edge for Penny and I to leave
but what did we find
and even worse
and this was the scene that greeted us
So despite the best Herculean efforts of Bill (who's had a bypass) and me of the fibrillating heart, we could hardly move it inches as it's heavy double hull lay solidly in the sand.   And after quite a few minutes trying, it seemed the tide was going out further and faster than we were moving the boat - and Bill said - 'Well it looks like you and Penny will have to stay the night'.
And he was right - because Penny & I had no other way to get back to the yacht - and it was certainly a bit late to be ringing one of the other yachties to get them out of bed - and come all the way over to pick us up - although I'm sure Keith or Laurie would have - but that was hardly fair.   So it was 'the spare room' - for Penny & me - to sleep the night - and leave at first light when the tide was back up full and the runabout afloat again.
So that is how it became
The end of the story is simple - in that we arose about 6 am - the runabout was once again floating - and Bill saw us off - we waded out to the boat - as we'd waded in - and motored home.
And the following day Penny sent this apology across to Bill & Wendy.
But we had a marvellous meal and visit - and even a very good sleep too.
So until our next 'dogastrophic adventure'
we'll say bye for now
No matter where you go, there you are.
and call 'yachtrodney'
for free