Well Hi there! - and how are you?
We're OK too - although if just a little bruised and sore from falling into the runabout today while climbing down from the large workboat it was tied to at the dock - Penny in my arms got a bit of a shake-up too - but fortunately - I shielded her - and took the knock - as you'd expect.   She naturally gave me a look like - 'what the hell was all that about?'
We went ashore hoping to see our new big block lifted and moved - but had to ring and postpone it until next week - because the whole dockside area in the shipyard is being used to unload dredged mud from the Fishing Club channel nearby - and the block needs to be located right there on skids in front of the big barge.
So once again there is lot's of busy activity but we don't seem to be getting far.
Just like these fellows - I think someone's filling in the hole as fast as we are digging.

Around the anchorage - in what is 'our neighbourhood' - there have been a few weeks filled with all 4 seasons of weather - and if it's not hot, sunny and glass flat
it's blowing 40 knots and smashing us about.
Nevertheless, as everywhere, life goes on
and so, here are some snapshots of around the bay - in the weeks just gone.
This photo from when I had a look under the yacht - and warily donned the scuba gear that hasn't been used in a year or two.   The heart specialist rang me that night to say I should not try to dive.   But I survived - although pretty weary from the brief effort - and just about needing to take the next day to recover.
And whenever Penny and I are in the dinghy - travelling about
we will often call at another yacht if we see someone - just to say hello.
This is 'Peter' - an elderly and gently spoken Czech fellow
it was taken late one afternoon as I called alongside for a visit.

And of course Laurie fishes frequently from his yacht using various methods and baits
and every now and then a fish has been known to catch itself.
(another amazing shot taken through the binoculars)
Then of course the bad winds came again for a few days
and Bruno's yacht broke from it's mooring and ended up entangled with Lauries.
I rang Keith and we went over in rough weather and helped secure it
safely off the stern of Laurie's yacht - until the blow subsided and it was towed back.
But the mooring it had broken from - had dropped it's chain
and we found Bruno and Ariel (a Jack Russell) the next day, which was a flat calm
in their dinghy, dragging the bottom with a grappling hook
trying to retrieve it - which he luckily did.
Penny of course was right there to offer advice and oversee the whole operation.

This is Anne - Bruno's partner aboard - we visited for a friendly chat
she has a fondness for floral hairpieces and is rarely seen without one.

So there are a few portraits of some of the other folk we see around the bay
and still there are some we've never met - who keep much to themselves.
I suppose it's like anywhere - you may talk to a few neighbours, say g'day to others
and yet there will be people who only live a few houses away in your street
you may never speak to or know - your whole life long.
There are still a lot more pictures to catch up on including the block & chain
(and I don't mean Penny - but 'if the cap fits')
and what about all those sunsets and sunrises we've had.
Oh well - it'll have to be next time - which I hope will be soon.
So bye for now
Sydney, Australia