Penny and I have been running around all over the place this past week - and I have been  going ashore just about every day - trying to get organized on the building of this 5 ton mooring block we need.   If I haven't mentioned it before - I've received approval from the Maritime Authority to have MY OWN MOORING - out here - and I need to make (myself) a 5 ton concrete mooring block - with giant fittings and chain - and get it moved and barged out here - in the next few weeks.
So the full story of what we've been doing - will be in the next few emails - which I hope I can catch up on this weekend.
I'm sorry if I've been a bit tardy in writing emails this last week or so - but I've spent a lot of time ashore - and a lot less on the computer and Penny and I have been just 'dog tired' each day - and have not stayed up very late - doing the normal letters.

I hope you go and have a look at the new Gallery - from the Election Day and the Reunion
and I'm sorry that I didn't take my usual '500' pictures - but I was just so wrecked from helping all day at the Election - and only managed a very meagre few photos on the night.
We'll try and write again very soon.