We've been around, old mate - and I know it's been more than a week since we sent out our last 'big email' newsletter - but we have been sending out a few other bits and pieces along the way.   But anyway - here it is - and it's 'last week's news' - to catch up on.
For a 'quiet old bay' - there always seems to be something going on - every few days anyway - and if there isn't - we'll soon make something up.   And so it was, that the other day - we came to notice that one of the distant 'permanently' moored yachts - was 'not vertical' - which is exactly 'the wrong' state for a floating yacht to find itself in.   So naturally, we were off to see if it was in trouble (like sinking maybe) - and if they needed any help - and so began . . . . . . .
This is the first time in the many months that I have seen this yacht in this situation - and even though it was low tide - it should not have been over like that - and there should be plenty of depth still for it to be away from the bottom - so the concern was that maybe it was taking water.
A couple are usually on board - but on this occasion - there was no-one there - and their little Jack Russell Dog 'Ariel' (you know - 'the barker') was home alone.
By the pivoting movement of the yacht and it's solid sitting - it was clear that it was up on 'something'.   The general consensus was - that it was either perched on a mooring block or some other structure on the bottom - because it was well over - and quite firmly 'aground' on something.   We all felt that, considering the draft of the yacht - it should have been easily afloat, but seemed to have sat itself neatly onto whatever was there.
No-one was volunteering to dive - and have a look - and whatever it was - it was just out of the visible range from the surface.   Even when I called and saw the folks aboard later - they were amazed at the way it was sitting up a few feet out of the water - and they said - it had never occurred like that before.
At least 2 -3 feet of the under hull was up out of the water - and it gave us a good chance to see just how bad the barnacles and other shells can become after a few years in the water.
Well - the 'mystery' was not solved - and probably won't be, unless some adventurous type dives down and has a look just what is on the bottom there - for a yacht to get perched on.   It could be just about anything - but a large mooring block is most likely.   I have had old stories told to me, of a yacht that found itself sitting on a 44 gal drum as the tide went out - so who knows what it is.
And of course it wouldn't be a week on the bay - without a flourish of beautiful sunsets.
And as I may have told you - Laurie has gone off to Thailand for 'another' holiday - and there were some of you thinking, I'm sure, that living aboard a yacht, out in the bay - is a holiday itself.   Well, you'd be wrong there.   It's energy sapping and physically demanding - non stop - 7 days a week - without a break.   Just don't ask me, exactly - what it is - we actually do.
But anyway, Laurie needed another holiday from it - (whatever it is) and in return for me spending half a day and a tank of petrol, following his 'car rally' shortcut to the airport - to get him there 3 hours beforehand - he kindly gave me 1 sweet potato.  (which I suppose in some far off island country has a lot of value - but in Woolooware Bay, Taren Point - is worth about 1 potato)
I shouldn't be ungrateful though - because - he coaxed his mate Cyril to come to the airport to see him off - and to pick his sweet potatoes up - only for Cyril to be told that he'd left them back here, locked in his van.
So at least I had a sweet potato.
And this is it - all of it - simply sliced up and cooking away in the wok.
Well, there's still a whole lot more to tell you about - and that's what happens when you don't do the emails for a few days - so now it will have to wait until next time.
So stay tuned - and be prepared - for the next terrifying Penny episode . . .
by for now - until the next time