Yeh - well just don't come hangin' around here - you darn 'night time Pelican'
because Penny's on guard 24/7
(that would be 24 minutes in the morning & 7 minutes in the afternoon).
It's a full time job when you're the only one on watch - responsible for total Bay security - and Penny takes it very seriously.   She has a distinctive bark to tell me - for passing boats, people moving on othher yachts, seagulls - and of course her greatest threat -  Pelicans.
Yes - that's exactly right - and she'll likely tear you wingtip to beak, too.
You have to wonder how that rumour got started last year - after  - (whispering) the rat.
But it's like the old saying goes - 'it seems to have legs' and is still going round.
You might remember this at the time - just click the button.
'And so it came to be - that as per the needs of man and dog
we ventured ashore into the world of the living
to forage and fetch - for our daily requirements.'
(we went shopping again)
After the visit to the 'Vampire Vault' (where they take blood every week) and the 'siphoning of petrol from various cars' (who can afford to buy it at that price) and the 'stealing a little old ladies grocery trolley' at Franklins (saves going into the shop) we two pillaging pirates were ready to head back home to the mother ship with the booty.
But Penny likes to get the most out of her 1 trip ashore - since the last one - and loves a good 'sniff-a-bout' - and a walk on the green, green, grass - instead of the beige-grey cement of the deck all the time.   And if you can combine the grass with a good neck rub from a friend as well, then Penny is just about in raptures.   So we went around to visit Bill and his back lawn.
Bill - (and wife Wendy) - who we met a few months ago - lives on shore - right on the water - facing straight out onto the bay and the yachts - a beautiful view - and we've become friends - and occasionally have called in to say hello.   He absolutely loves Penny - and of course Penny just laps it all up - being Penny.
The 'ever lert' (posing again) guard dog - has spotted something not right.
It only took forever - to find that it was a tiny piece of plastic flapping in the breeze.
But nevertheless - Penny had spotted the 'threat' - and was monitoring it for us.
And just have a look at the beautiful, relaxing outlook that Bill has onto the bay.
So Penny and I - enjoyed the company and conversation - and the comfortable grass.
But - O-Oh - Penny has spotted something else - and it's not so innocent as flapping plastic
what should be right there - on the low tide sand - but one of those 'darn pelicans' - again!
So leaving Penny in the safe patting hands of Bill - I decided to confront the troublemaker.
He didn't seem all that interested in discussing Penny's territorial concerns
and seemed to adopt a certain aloof - 'couldn't care less' attitude - when spoken to.
Not a good sign for the future - and I didn't mention it to Penny when I got back,
pretending like the hero she thinks I am - that I'd just scared it off - for her.
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Bill - who's also a pretty good hand with his Mac computer and is frequently sending good emails across to us.   And of course Penny just loved the attention (and the lawn) even if that darn Pelican does seem to keep following her around.
I wonder if that giant old bird has got his beady eye on Penny with 'sinister intent'.
Because that is one h-u-g-e pelly-can
and as we all know - 'his beak can hold more than has bellycan'
Let's hope not - or things could get - really ugly - on the 'Pelican War Front'.
Keep tuned for the next terrifying episode . . .
Until we meet again
Sydney, Australia