Well that must be about the longest period without sending out a big email - since forever.
But apparently it hardly went unnoticed because you could count the number of emails I've had in the past 2 weeks, on both hands, I think.   Not that I haven't being doing other stuff - and still taking pictures - so that now there is a backlog that I'll try and catch up on.  
In fact it was almost a couple of Sundays ago now that I got a call from young Anis who has a yacht here in the anchorage - and who along with his girlfriend Ine - has been away for a while.   They are on our emailing list - and I told him to let me know if he wanted to come and check on his yacht anytime and needed a lift out.   So it was no problem, when we got a call from him.
It was around 130pm when Penny and I headed in
in the red runabout to pick him up at the Sailing Club wharf.
And Penny was just not exactly sure what was going on because for her it seemed
it was the other boat, the wrong day, and going in the wrong direction.
But little did either of us know - that we were in for quite a shock
when we arrived there to pick up our yacht visitors
and found there was an unexpected third passenger.
That's right - Anis & Ine had brought their B-I-G dog with them too.
And although he seemed friendly enough
neither Penny and I were keen to get too close.
I dropped Penny off at home and we carried on over to their yacht to check things out.
We gave it a good look over - and found it nicely dry and tight - just as it had been left
with little harm befalling it - from the bouts of recent rough weather.
They plainly miss being aboard and the yacht life out in the bay.
Having checked everything was AOK aboard - and resecuring things, we motored back over to my yacht for some afternoon tea - and the 2 dogs on board - experience.
Ignore my toothless grin - and have a look at Penny's worried face.
But everything was fine - and all were kept a safe distance from each other.
Despite Penny putting on a determined show (from behind me - on her cushion)
of barking loudly and defiantly at the 'big dog' - telling it 'what for'.
It was good to see them both - and to make sure that their yacht was safe and secure.
And I told them to come again for a visit anytime at all
(but perhaps leave the 'giant' dog at home).

And is it any wonder that they miss being here - when the very next evening we had this.
Until next time - which will be soon.
Sydney, Australia