Oh no - lost our emails - put them somewhere and forgot - how could that happen?
Over the last few days - there has been an outbreak of problems - popping up - all over the yacht - from leaking pumps in the engine room dumping water into the bilge - to the generator wa-wa-hing it's voltage, up and down all day - to 3 (now make that 4) outboard motors out of action - and now we've just about been blown away with gusty winds all day and night.   But don't worry, because 'you know who' is on the job as usual - taking it all in her 'embarrassingly small' stride.
We had another visit from 'Machine Gun' - who has dropped in a few times now - for a 'bit difficult to follow' chat.   He's the bloke (Prussian so he says) - who has been on the old yacht hull out here for more than 26 years.   There's no doubt - he's a character alright - as are we all out here.   You'll remember his boat from before . . . . .
He makes the run across to the Motor Boat Club - every couple of days - and ties up at the visitors dock - walks up to the main road and catches the bus to the shops or wherever - returning late in the afternoon.   Quite an expedition to be making each time.   He's thinking of getting a computer and has been asking me a few things about what would be suitable.
As you can see from the photos - it was a pretty good day on the bay - when he dropped in - and he told me on leaving - that strong winds were coming.   Well he knew what he was talking about - because the following day things livened up considerably.

There's an old saying - we all know - that goes:
'Red sky at night - sailor's delight
Red sky in the morning - sailor take warning'
So here is the amazing sunrise - the following morning - 'sailor take warning'.
Now this is really quite an amazing sunrise scene - so I have uploaded a larger version.
Click here to view the larger image.
But - by the time the afternoon rolled around.
Now you might think - well that doesn't look too bad - but the fact is that for the bay to pick up like this means we are getting about 25-30 knots of wind - and it's not all that pleasant.
Unless you want to go surfing.
We are really starting to move about now.
And anyway - the day is still young - it's bound to get even worse before it gets better.
It's probably not a good idea for little 2.5 kg dogs to be going out on deck to be blown away.   But not to be deterred the experienced 'yacht dog', is on top of the situation.
Little did little Penny know - that her concerns would not stay little
and that the night would bring new dangers for the anchorage and us.
What dangers lie ahead for our cross-footed friend?
Will there be dragging, sinking, and wet paws???
What colour will the sunrise be?
And will that pump ever stop dripping?
To see what happens - you'll have to read the next exciting instalment of . . .
out soon.
Bye for now.
Sydney, Australia