Well - it was a happy gathering that saw us all at the St Stephen's Retirement Village at Lemongrove, Penrith last night, to celebrate Uncle Dick's 80th Birthday.   I arrived unfashionably late - to find all the family and friends having a great old time catching up (I didn't count, but I suppose there were more than fifty people there) - and just starting on a full spread of a sit down dinner and dessert - prepared by the ladies.

Afterwards - a well known - but out of practice speaker - (me) - tried on behalf of everyone to convey our love and friendship for Dick - who has a been a boundless source of strength and help to everyone who's ever had the good fortune to know him.

It was a marvellous and happy evening - and it's always good for the soul - to see and share these times with all the family - and you come away recharged.




My Uncle Maurice Ryan, Aunty Daph & Uncle Len Field


Hugh and Prue are Dick's grandchildren.




The 'Train Connection' goes back to Dick's early years working on the locomotives - and he was telling me how only the other day he had seen again one of the very engines he had worked on - and what good memories it had brought back.

Here are a couple of other photos - that I wasn't quite sure whether to send along - because I feel they need appropriate explanation.

So I've left them - as I've done them and you can 'read' them as you like - but you know me - I couldn't resist making a comment.

'I don't want any more of this nonsense - or you can go to your room and stay there!'


'It was a tense moment - both unsure who was the faster.'

Dick & Elsie are the greatest soulmates and it's hard to believe it's been 12 years that they've been married.   In fact it only seems like yesterday that we were in the St Stephen's Church Hall with the same big crowd celebrating Dick's 70th - let alone 10 years ago.

If you ask me they'll probably be around for the next one in 10 years too.

I just hope we all have the good fortune and God's blessing - to share the journey to it.



(who very sadly, I left home alone to mind the yacht - only to find that every single person throughout the entire day and night - wanted to know why Penny wasn't there)





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