I know it's been a few days - since my last email - and I don't really have any excuse - other than I didn't have any pictures much to send.   I've been ashore again and had some more tests - and each time the 'rat poison' levels just seem to be going higher - and the blood pressure lower - in fact too high - and too low - if you ask me.   The doctor asked me if I was feeling dizzy - because the pressure was too low at 90 over whatever.   And the thinning level has shot up to 3.6 (when they're trying to get it between 2-3) - so I've sort of felt a bit 'rundown' all of today.
Every time I go ashore - I also seem to be lugging a fair bit of stuff - like fuel - and gas bottles etc - all the time - and then last night I went with Doug and Laurie to the local club - for the smorgasboard - and came home safely in the dark in the speedboat - under the watchful eye of Laurie circling in his dinghy - until I was back aboard.   But really it was no problem.
We've had some drop in - visitors in the last few days - what with Peter the 72 yr old owner of the big yacht Woronora - that you've had pictures of before  - and today old 'Machine Gun' (about the same age as Peter - so he says) - the Prussian who's lived aboard his hull out here for 26 years.   We're certainly all a bunch of characters, that's for sure.
Peter tells me that he is leaving on the weekend - and taking the Woronora yacht up to Pittwater - north of Sydney - where he says he has a mooring off Palm Beach - so it won't be part of our scene any longer.
Laurie called over the other day - for a good sit and talk - in the cockpit
over a cup of green tea.
but he didn't seem all that keen to have his photo taken
and Penny is always happy to oblige with a rabbit tug-o-war
you just have to make sure that SHE always ends up with the rabbit.
sometimes she can almost go to sleep with it in her mouth
As always we've had all four seasons just about in this last week
but the weather seems to have settled down nicely for a few days.
and this evening there were a few sprinkles of rain and a rainbow across the moorings
right at the same time as a bright yellow sunset shone across the bay onto the boats
When photos like this tonight at sunset are taken it's hard to believe we are on the southern suburbs of a major city - and you can hardly make out the many thousands of buildings that fill the entire shoreline - which you can see in the daytime photo above.
You'd think we were in a tropical lagoon to look at these last two.
Well another day draws to a close - and Penny & I will soon make the short trip
down the steps - along through the galley and passageway - to the aft cabin
where she will have carried her stuffed rabbit all the way, in her mouth
and up onto the bed - for it to spend the night safely with us.
Only to be taken out and back up into the cockpit every morning.
It's part of the daily life of the yacht - and one of Penny's many important duties.

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