It's been a beautiful sunny and calm day on the bay today - just right for feet up relaxing and laying in the autumn sun reading.   What could be better.    A very pleasant day indeed.
The evenings have not disappointed either - and as is often the case after a lot of rain
we've had some amazing colours in the sunset sky.
and of course there was this anonymous shot of an unknown dog keeping vigil

So there's little to report I'm afraid - we read and rested - and played our part in the scene, as the occasional weekend fishing boat with optimistic anglers drifted in the distance - but nary a fish was pulled from it's home - that I could see, anyway.   But who cares - just being out on the glassy water in the sun and gentle breeze would have been pleasure enough for most.
This was about the most excitement Penny & I had all day
'feet games'
and of course the inevitable 'rabbit tug o' war'   which she always somehow wins.
You know there's every possibility - that tomorrow might just be the same too
And just as our friend Samantha was once quoted to say
'Everything is always so dramatic with Rodney & Penny'
It's nice to have no drama for a while - don't you think?







ANZAC DAY - 25th April 2008

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