(Well - of course - as you know - if we had our way here at WHACKO
they'd all be bagged and used for crab bait)
But we are pleased to announce.
(as voted by a couple of idiots on the dock)

Well, it's been quite a few days (by our standards) since our last epistle (have I got to go to the dictionary again for you?)
Noun: epistle
1. A specially long, formal letter
Noun: Epistle
1. A book of the New Testament written in the form of a letter from an Apostle
and once again there's a bit of catching up to do - and lot's of photos - as always.
The first one is of a new mystery UFO
I know - just how crazy am I getting - it's a new little technicolour fan that just plugs into a USB port and away it goes.   It cost $8 as I was passing thru Paddy's Market the other day.   That super duper mousepad I've got with an illuminated edge, vinyl mat & 4 USB ports - cost me $15 at Aldi - a few months back - and it's just excellent - and I'm still using a good old-fashioned mouse.    What with the mobile phone permanently plugged in - the camera - and various portable drives - I suppose you can relate to having - small cables and leads - everywhere.
We had a surprise visit from Vicki & Robert the other day - and had a good catchup.
All of us jumped in the runabout - and took a spin around the bay
to have a tour of all the other boats.
This is a sort of 'diagonal' panorama - and the rail didn't quite align because I changed positions slightly.
I had a look at it in Photoshop to fix it - but didn't bother, so we'll just call it a 'custom' design photographic feature.
Need I say more?
("Is that the camera again - just wait until I get my pose right")

Now I know this will come as a great surprise to you - but we've had more sunsets here
and a couple of times the sun even came up - the next day too.
looking north across the bay (and that's the moon)
and this below was the same moment - looking west
dawn the next morning

   Remember Laurie from the yacht in the bay?
Well I've mentioned to a few people that he has a business - called 'The Anode Man'.
And almost universally - everyone says - 'What is an anode?' - and even those who do know that anodes are used on all boats as 'sacrificial' corrosion blocks - DO NOT KNOW - that every Hot Water Tank - also has a long 'sacrificial anode' rod - mounted down the middle of it.
The purpose of these anodes - whether in blocks, plugs, or rods - is to simply, corrode and be eaten away - before anything else - boat ones are made of Zinc and these long Hot Water System ones - are made of Magnesium.   Thesee metals are very low down on the Periodic Table (remember your High School science) and they are called 'base metals'.
So that with a boat - if you bolt a block of zinc onto the steel hull - under the water - any electrolysis, or 'galvanic electric current' that exists - will eat away the zinc block first - before the ferrous steel of the hull or rudder.    Because Zinc is a lower - baser metal - it will corrode first - thereby - saving the rest of the boat from decaying away.
Here are some new zinc blocks bolted on to the underwater stern of a yacht from last week.
It is exactly the same principle, with Hot Water Tanks - in your house.   They are made of steel - and have water in them all the time.   So the manufacturers put a long rod of magnesium - straight down inside the middle of the tank - just bolted in from the top - and that rod slowly decays over the years - thereby 'sacrificing' itself and corroding away - instead of the steel tank.    All anodes should be replaced regularly - and certainly when they are down to about 50% of their content.   As soon as the anode stops working properly - the other metal will corrode - whether it's on a yacht - or the inside of your water tank - which will start to rust out.
If the ANODE in your domestic hot water system is changed every - say 6 years or so - (which is what the manufacturers recommend - but don't really explain to you) then that hot water system tank - could last 30 - 40 years without a problem.
So Laurie has a good little business where he tries to advertise this information - and goes around changing the anodes in hot water systems - all over Sydney - and even to the Blue Mountains.
Here is a photo of hot water tank anodes he brought to show me the other day.
This bottom anode would have lost so much of it's magnesium now
that the the steel tank would be starting to corrode.
So there you have it - if you change the anode every 5-6 years say
the tank will last 'forever' just about
if you don't - you may have to buy an expensive new hot water system within 10 years.

And naturally - while I was trying to take the photos of the anodes on the cushions - and had the camera pointed - little Miss 'Can I be in the photo?' - just had to stick her head in front.
It's really pathetic - isn't it?
Every time she sees the camera - she's got to get in front of it.
I really think her dogpaddler 'fame' has gone to her head.

Well we're all another week older - it's Easter - and a wet weekend.
What have you been up to?

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