Just exhausting really - - - - who am I kidding?    At least I did manage to get a couple more plates on the other day - thanks to Peter Woods dropping in for the day - and there's a few more all ready to go that could get a start today - so we'll see.
We had a 30' yacht tied alongside us for a few days - being wrapped ready to go on a truck to Western Australia - only 3,900 kilometres away.   The new owner Brian, had come all the way over to take delivery and see it safely on it's way - but in the end - had to fly out, just before the yacht was lifted and loaded.   So I took a stack of good photos for him and sent them across that day - and he had them to look at as soon as he arrived home.
It doesn't seem like a lot of supports considering it's going right across Australia - but the boat transporters have done many others - and it's all tied down pretty securely.
It's about a 3 day trip - so it should be there today.
Yes - that's right - FOOD.   There's been some 'out and about' eating going on as well.
On Saturday - I went with Laurie, Doug, and Cyril - to Chinatown in the City - and then on to the Casino.   I haven't been to Chinatown for a few years - and I've never been to the Star City Casino - despite being asked a few times - I've just never got around to it.   And not being a gambler at all (ever since I lost that $600 on a 'hot tip' when I was an 18 year old law clerk - and have never bet again) - would really only go - just to have a look.
We had a walk through the Chinese Markets - and then wandered up Dixon Street for a feed.
And then upstairs - into a Food Court - that had about 30 different Asian food bars.
There was a thousand things to choose from - all with the dishes pictured
and I had a Seafood Laksa for $9.50.
After the early meal and coffee across the road - Laurie headed off back home to the yacht - and Doug and I - strode out - for a healthy walk down through Darling Harbour - where there seemed to be an unusual number of restaurant 'Hen's parties' and 'boisterous bridal showers'.   I suggested to Doug that we just roll up to one and pretend to be the booked 'Stripper' - and with the amount of drinking going on - they'd never know the difference.
So after about a '20 mile' hike - not really - we arrived at the Star City Casino.
The whole place is clearly designed to make that big 'Las Vegas' spectacular effect.
There is what seems - a 'couple of acres' - of gambling tables - on one huge floor - and I had it explained to me - that this was just the 1st (main) floor - and that there were several more above - that were progressively more expensive betting, and you had to be a 'bigger' gambler to be allowed to progress up the floors.   The betting tables here where we were - ranged from $10 to $100 per bet - but with the nature of the games - you actually need considerably more than that amount as 'a bank' - to play with.
These are the actual tables and games - the photos were taken 'surreptitiously'.
(trying saying that after a few drinks)
Adverb: surreptitiously
1. In a surreptitious manner
"he was watching her surreptitiously as she waited in the hotel lobby"
You'll no doubt be pleased to hear that not a single cent was spent, lost, or parted with - by me - at the amazing Star City Casino.
Doug - lost some playing 'Texas 3-card Poker' - I just wandered around the place and watched - - but they are all just games of total chance - the pokers, baccarat, roulettes etc - requiring no skill whatsoever - and leaving you at the total mercy of fickle luck.   And which naturally means that the longer you play - the more likely you are to lose it all.
Doug had a card - being a member (apparently at a certain level) that entitled him to FREE non-alcoholic drinks - so not even the 3 orange juices I had - cost anything.  (having already had a beer with the meal earlier).
All was over and done - and I was back here on board - at 9.15pm - which was pretty good going.   (that was only possible because we sat down to eat at the very early time of 5pm).
I'd have to say - that although it was certainly a very different - glitzy - and vibrant scene - I would have just as soon - stayed here on board and carried on with the computer.
Penny was left 'home alone' - and was clearly not very impressed with having to be unusually locked inside the yacht at 3 in the afternoon - all on her own.
Well as they say
'that was the week that was'
I'll catch up with you again soon
and how about writing me a letter sometime.
PS. you'll be surprised to learn - that I forgot to take my camera with me
and the photos in this email of Chinatown and the Casino
even showing the exact places we were - and the food I ate
were found on Flickr.com - and taken by other people - and re-worked by me.



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