I'm not quite sure how we came to be - 'bewitched' today - but as usual it's something different.
Unlike the rest of the email - which is the usual run of boats, water, and dog.
But then if you didn't get a picture of the yacht and Penny - each week - you'd probably think that the we'd sunk or drowned - I'll bet.
While we were out and about - in the dinghy the other day - I did the rounds of the boats in the Bay - and we have the most amazing assortment - from big yachts - thru to ex-navy ships - and a converted old ferry.   Not to mention of course the ramshackled & rusted old hulks that a few hermits seem to be hiding out on.
This ex-Navy ship was bought by the fellow - who made my big anchor for me.   He paid only about $175,000 for it by Tender - and got 3 containers full of spares too - listed to be worth millions.   Which he was unpacking the day we went to pick up the 200lb anchor a couple of years ago.   There is a caretaker living aboard - and it hasn't left the Bay.   I'll go and pay them a visit one day and get the full story.
This is an old Ferry converted to a liveaboard cruiser
it has come down from Queensland and a couple live aboard.
You'll notice it has no sidedecks - just the doorway for people to get on and off.
This is the large yacht 'Woronora' - that the fellow was building for 38 years in his yard alongside the Woronora River.    It has been anchored here for more than a month - and there is a busy group of people setting up the handmade masts and rigging.   The spars are all timber with timber blocks as well.   It's an unusual 'gaff rigged top-mast schooner' - with miles of rope and an old fashioned style of rig - in keeping with the yachts extraordinary character.
It really will need a proper crew to maintain and sail it.
There's no doubt it is an amazing piece of work.
And then just yesterday - I called out and had a visit on board Laurie's yacht and then the two of us took a run over to Bill's yacht for a cup of tea - and the 'deluxe tour'.
Both yachts are quite roomy and comfortable - and despite everyone always apologising 'for the mess' - the boats were really quite well set up and organized - considering as well that they have all been living aboard permanently for a few years.
I was quite impressed too - with the quality of the timberwork and fitouts of both yachts and their well laid out designs.
I would have no qualms about cruising around comfortably on either of the yachts.
I didn't take Penny - she was left 'Home Alone' - and you know how she feels about that.
Just so you don't think I leave rope laying about in a big mess like that at the back of the yacht - the fact is that I found that big 30m long section of mooring rope - floating out in the middle of the bay, in a big mass of seaweed.   I've got no idea where it'd come from - and it's really too big and heavy for most of the yachts out there.    It's in pretty good condition - but I already have quite a bit of similar mooring rope on board - so I may just give it to them on the dock to use - because there's probably a good chance it could have come off their barge anyway.
There's an older fellow Graham - who has a mechanics business adjoining the yard - and he often comes down to the dock - and says hello to Penny.   That is - if she's up and about and sees him.   Of course if she's inside - or asleep - she has no way to know anyone's there.
But if she sticks her head out - he knows how to call her with the beckoning handsignals - and she goes running to the edge of the deck for a good pat and a neck rub.

Another week - still no more plates on the outside of the hull - and scant few jobs getting done inside either.   There seems to be altogether - too much relaxing, and general time wasting going on here - by certain members of the crew - 'you whistle, and I'll point'.   But I wouldn't get too worked up about it - because sooner or later - it will all be done - as necessity demands it.
In the meantime - it's about 830pm - and not long gone - high tide.   The yacht is rocking slightly - more like an easy sway really - but still on it's keel.   The high tides for the next few days are really down a few feet from the 'king tides' we need to be fully free of the bottom amd moving about, here at the dock.   And 'touch wood' (which I did) - the yacht is fine - ship shape - and come 'whenever' we should have no trouble motoring off - to wherever - (but probably not too far).
It could be a good time for an early night - Penny is looking at me in agreement - waiting.
Although lately I've thought she's had something on her mind . . . . bothering her. . . . . . . .
Bye for now.
(sometimes I worry about Zombies)

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