This is the ugly scene around the yacht at the present moment - there was a deathly calm as all the breeze stopped - and now winds are rising - as the sky gets blacker.
I have been out on deck and quickly run some ropes across the dinghy and other gear on the lower cabin roof - in case it gets really nasty and violent - because it certainly does look like the end of the world - approaching.
Horrible - loud thunderclaps are going off - directly over the yacht
close enough to make me jump
and this is how our deaf Penny is dealing with it all.
Taken just as thunder went off overhead.
I know - it's an amazing scene of peace and tranquility
but just have a look at the picture above her again.
Well - in the time it's taken me to do these pictures and this email - about 30 minutes
the whole storm has passed by - with the lightning and heavy rain
but no harm was done - as the worst of it seemed to go by and across the coast.
The sky has brightened up again - but I can still hear the rumblings of thunder in the distance.
If you want to know how Penny is coping - refer back to the picture above.
Nothin's changed there.
I hope all is safe and well at your place - so that you can be as relaxed as her.
Bye for now






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