A few of the 'Botany Bay Pirates' drop in for a sausage and a drink and to exchange tales of the Sea - relaxing in the cockpit - on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Bill - with a strong American accent - has been in Australia for about 30 years


Laurie - who you saw in his dinghy.

Built his steel yacht - and has lived aboard for about 10 years.



It looks like Laurie's trying to introduce the Rabbit to his cap on the wheel.


And as always - Penny is the happiest crew member and centre of attention.

There were actually 3 other fellows here as well, but the photographer was slack - and didn't get too many other decent shots.

Apart from Laurie and myself - the other fellows have wives - who were otherwise engaged (or so they said) - or had decided to leave the afternoon to the men - we'll have to make sure that next time we get a couple of them along.   But it does restrict the swearing.

So in the end all agreed - it was a pleasant and very relaxing afternoon.

That big bottle of Lambrusco didn't hurt either.







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