It's really a pretty light news week - just a few jobs here and there - around the place.
Believe it or not - I've spent most of today drilling damn plates again.   The main wall here beside me that is also the closet and shower/bathroom on the other side - had it's turn in the attention list today.   And the steel plates that go right here behind the steps were made and labelled - but have never been punched or drilled.   I mean - after all - I've only had about 4 years to do them - and they missed out.
That's the way things can go on a big job like this - over many years - they got made - put aside - and forgotten - as I moved on to new sections and plates - and because they were only smaller - they have just stayed watching all the others go by to get drilled - and wondering when it was going to be their turn.   It must have been quite disappointing for them - until today.
Penny had to be barred from entering - because her ramp had to be removed to get at an area under the settee - and as you can imagine - she was not impressed with the arrangement of the timber storm board in place - and her 'Penny' doorway shut too.
You'll remember I did this door - back during the epic 'Rat Wars'.
It's got a flyscreen curtain and all hanging down - that Penny has to push past.
I've been having a regular chat with Laurie - an older fellow - who lives on a 55' Steel yacht - out in the bay - who comes and goes past our yacht just about every day - going ashore.   It seems he built the yacht himself over many years - in the shipyard on the Point - (in the panoramas I sent recently) - but has lived on board - in this same spot - for the past 10 years.
He's a happy and positive fellow - partly deaf - and always shouts - even in conversation.
This is how he always drives his little dinghy - standing up - and pretty fast.
Now, as you know - Penny has a lot of duties around the place - and it's pretty much a full time job - (when she's awake) - barking at the strangers on the dock - or on boats that come alongside - to warn me - and to tell them that this is our ship - and not to come any closer.   She's still keeping up on her reading - of course - and her tastes can be a little hard to follow sometimes.   Here is her current stack.

Yes - as I said - it's been a pretty quiet time - all round - which is good.

And just to finish it off

Penny has even had time to pose for her portrait to be done too.



I'll let you know how it finally turns out

the artist is only new.










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