'Does this tide seem unusually high to you?'

Well it started out beautiful - but it's greying up fast - but stop press - I just had a look at the weather site and the prediction is for cloudy - but no rain - so let's see if they 'guessed right.
The runabout got finished the other day - and I mixed the last of the 2 colours together - to make a compromise - and although it's been pointed out that it's 'only bottom paint' - the fact is that it's painted flourishingly - in this bold red for about 6" above the water and therefore makes the runabout distinctively 'white & red' - so you want it to look OK.   But it's ready to be lifted back in with the forklift - any time this morning.
As I've mentioned before - there is another shipyard - just along a bit from us - and it's older and a completely different sort of set up - (it was not suitable for us because the water in front is not deep enough) - it uses railway tracks to move the yachts around - and there is a distinct 'caravan park' like atmosphere to the place - with many long term (up to 20 years) residents - actually living alongside or in their yachts on land.    Many many boats in an unfinished state - and some I dare say - that look like they will never see the water.
It's a fascinating scene - and the other day I took Penny for a walk there again - and we visited and talked with a few of the oldies.   I also took a panorama photo of the main working section of the yard - where the boats are brought up out of the water and then moved around on rail platforms and supports.
This is the series of photos I took - to again demonstrate to you how easy it is.
I took these vertically which requires holding the camera even more rigidly.
But it's just a matter of taking overlapping photos (about a third) and just taking one after the other as you rotate the camera on the spot.   Do not change positions - just pretend like the camera is on a tripod and spin around - it needs to be a continuous one after the other.
But it's not the slightest bit difficult.
The photos are then simply selected in the Panorama Program - and 2 clicks later
and in just a minute - they are merged into a magnificent full panorama of the scene.
This is a smaller version - at only 900wide x 243high.
The original is a whopping 8587 x 2314 pixels (or 21 million - megapixels quality)
and at full resolution is more than 26 normal computer screens big.
I have uploaded 2 larger images to thedogpaddler.com you can have a look at.
If you are using Internet Explorer - the images will be made to fit your screen
in order to view them at the correct size - just hover your cursor
over the bottom R bottom corner of the image
and then click on the   icon that appears:
Also if you have a mouse with a centre scrolling wheel - you can click on that scrolling wheel - and an arrowed symbol    will appear on the sceen
you can then - just by moving your mouse about in any direction - (no buttons) - pan and move around the full image at any speed.   Just click again to end the function. 
both of these are still downsized - to allow for reasonable downloading and viewing.
And just to finish on something completely different.   Yesterday - when John Meyn was leaving - he noticed some colourful beetles on a tree near our front gate.   I took some macro shots of them - and although it was quite windy and the branches and leaves were moving about - out of the dozen shots - these few came out pretty good.   What do you think?
Now - I'm no insectimollyolligist - so I don't know what they are.
The generic name of 'stink bugs' was tossed about - but I'm just calling them
'colourful bugs'.
Please write.
see ya soon

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