BBrrrrr!!   That's right - it's supposed to be summer still - but this is us this morning
and it doesn't look like much of a day out there either.
But that's alright too - because you just can't beat being inside the yacht
when it's pouring rain outside - drumming down on the deck.
(Except of course for those Annoying Little Drips in a couple of spots)
But as I told you before - I did make a start on cleaning and painting the runabout.   In the end - one of the young fellows offered to lift the boat out at the dock with the forklift - so I rigged some lifting straps around it and he lifted it up in the air - and I used the super powerful pressure washer they've got to blow it clean.   It was unbelievable the amount of growth on the bottom of it - including masses of barnacles the size of your fingernails
- and all that from just 8 weeks sitting in the water.
I had decided it was essential that it be painted with anti-fouling paint - as it's going to remain in the water for most of the time - and we can't have that sort of growth and worse all over the bottom of it.
I didn't have any anti-foul left over from my yacht (because it's better to put it all on) - but it's as expensive as can be (they reckon because of the copper in it) - and costs about $200 for 4 litres.   But as luck would have it - a fellow with a small yacht that had been here in the dock for a day or two - and that I'd been talking with and did a couple of very small favours for - offered me the 'rest' of a tin he had left (he was selling the yacht anyway - he said).   Which I naturally took and painted straight on to the leaned over runabout.
It was Copper Red - but what's it matter - it's just bottom paint - but unfortunately there turned out to be only enough to do HALF the runabout - so I then had to go and see Cliff - intending to buy a small tin to finish - and he gave me another 'left over' for nothing too - unfortunately again, it's a different 'red' from the other side - but I've tinted it just a bit - so we'll see when it goes on - but I'm sure it'll be fine - and at least it'll keep those barnacles away.
(probably scared off by the colour scheme)
So then with the boat half painted and the next lot ready to go
unfortunately it started raining - really raining.
And that was pretty much how we ended the day.
So we've got a half-painted deck on the yacht
and a half-painted runabout as well
to go with our yacht that's in 2 halves.
Just about everything around the place is in halves at present.
We'll see what today brings - it actually looks like it could be brightening up a bit.
But we'd like to get this runabout painting finished
and get it off the dock and back in the water today if possible.
We may have a yacht in 2 halves still and a thousand jobs to be done
but at least the dinghy looks good.
(It's plain to see I've got the priorities right)
Have a nice day.
PS  the sun's coming out - 'we paint again'
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