That's right we've been bailing out the dinghy again.
But then that really is a regular part of living aboard a yacht.
It's just that this time - it was almost half FULL of water - which is a bit unusual - and unlike the little animation - it has no leaks.   Until I realized that it had gotten itself underneath the deck drain outlet while tied beside the yacht and in the heavy rain ALL the run-off that came from the aft deck was going straight into it.
It's been a couple of rainy days - funny ones - heavy rain - then sunny - then more storms.
Yesterday morning I found a frail little duckling on the side deck - looking very miserable and pathetic.   I thought - well it looks like he's nearly had it - I'm afraid.
I went inside and came back out with camera and he was gone!
And we had a visit this morning from Greg & Julie Pryor and their young friend 5 year old Adam - who was sooo 'old in the head' - you know what I mean.   Talkative and inquisitive - and even could take great photos - he took the one of Penny and me - and also the one of Penny licking Julie's ear.   Pretty amazing for a 5 year old.
So there you go - we've also a few minutes ago - helped let go the big old Halvorsen Cruiser that's been tied up at the back of us for about 10 days causing inconvenience.   So the back of the yacht is clear again - and the dinghy is no longer blocked in.
Well there you have it - 'all the news that's fit to print'.
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