As I mentioned - I've been painting the deck and there's still a way to go - and I may need to take a run over to Norglass to get some more Hardener - having found that an entire tin has been contaminated with water - after sitting around under the yacht for a year or two - hardly surprising eh.   But I now have about 6 litres of epoxy base paint left - with no hardener for it.
We'll call this the 'before' shot.
And this is - 'after' - only the first same bit was done - I've done a lot more since.
Yesterday - we had a visit from Chris - who broughht down some stainless steel for me too - and then unexpectedly a phone call from Rose - to say that she and Ron were at the front gate.
That's all for today - this Australia Day Public Holiday.
Rodney & Penny

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