The painting of the deck has been taking it's toll a bit the last few days
I have been really wrecked after laying all around the edge of the deck all day
in the sun painting all the under coaming areas at the sides before I can roll the flat deck.
I was only saying to Peter the other day - that the one thing I suffer for these days
is sitting cross-legged for any length of time - come the end of the day
I can hardly move - and this has been the case yesterday and today.
There is no room along the side deck other than to sit x-legged
and I have to lay down for most of the time to paint up
underneath the deck edge - and the reflected sun
off the paint and deck have given me a really
bad sunburnt face and ears as  well.
So I haven't felt like doing too much
although last night I did spend
time doing new photos.
Then watching the Australia    Day fireworks display
just over the bridge nearby.
That little fireworks gif - is actually
just about the size it looked from here too.
The company loaded up the barge here beside me
with the fireworks all afternoon - and then Cliff took it around
to the other side of the bridge and off it all went at 9 pm
and they were back here about 10.30 and tied up.
Also - yesterday I took a bunch of photos to experiment with making some 3D animated Gifs.
I came across this site - and you know me - always looking for new graphics.
it was only the first time I'd tried it and I think with a bit of refining
It could be quite effective.
Here are the ones I took and made straight way.
It almost looks like some kind of time lapse film - but it's only 2 photos.
You can plainly see the 3D effect - and it's a fascinating optical illusion
using just 2 photos of the same scene taking from slightly (only inches) different positions
then resized - converted to gif format - then combined as an animated gif file.
If I made them smaller again - the file sizes would naturally reduce too
but I've made them a bit larger just to see - however with these
I have reduced the quality to only 32 colours.
Just so you can compare - here are two that came
from the site where the method was originated
and he's won awards for them.
And they're not that much different - really.
Although they're both quite amazing
and I notice he's running them at a slightly slower rate too.
* * * * *

I'm going to stop now
and I'll send some more new photos
in an email tomorrow.
from your friends

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