It had started out a quiet old Sunday - we were up early as usual
and caught the morning light across the bay


And I'd like to point out - that in the photo above
I have not enhanced or enriched the colours
that's just how the photo was taken
and that's why I took it.
Then there were clothes to be washed and hung out to dry.
and then some computer-er-er-ing
While Penny relaxed and caught up on her reading.
She generally likes to get through a new book every week.
Neither of these are MY toe
THIS is my toe - and where it happened
Now just so there's no confusion - it was the 2nd toe from the left - just like in the picture that
smashed into that vertical bit.   It's not that distorted old 'hammertoe' to the right
that's been like that all my life - since Dr Renshaw had a go at 'fixing it'
when I was 12 - and failed pitifully.
OK, OK  - this is what a 'Hammertoe' is
Now I've got no idea - why or how 'the kicking' happened - but I somehow slammed my toe
into the concrete strut and there was a very loud & unpleasant 'crack' sound - from my toe.
Well if you ask me - it's broken it - and it bloody hurts.
It's been several hours since and the toe is in bad shape.
I can't see me putting any shoes on for a few days.
I went out to get the washing a few minutes ago
and damn it hurts - so that's that.
About 5 o'clock it came over very black - after a beautiful day - really.
and about 20 minutes later - we've had the heaviest rain
I'm sitting here now in Speedos only - having been out twice - crook toe and all
to bail out the stern section of the yacht - (where the floor is removed
until the hull plates are fitted and it can be repaired permanently)
so it doesn't flood into the next areas inside.
Well that may just about do for today - we've had all kinds of weather - and a smashed toe too.
I hope it doesn't keep raining like this - so that I don't have to do too much more bailing out.
If I had any sense at all - I'd have rigged up a small 12v bilge pump out there.
But it looks like the rain is easing up - and I can see some blue sky breaking through.
Until next time
    Rodney & Penny (I love to read)
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