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Subject: At least we're afloat - around the moorings - outboards repaired - guard dog

Penny and I have just returned from a dinghy expedition - giving a repaired motor a run - and we did the rounds of the yachts out on the moorings in the Bay.   As to be expected it is a varied group - from strange hermits to friendly happy folk - who are settled and happy to be living aboard - for years.   I'm sure we'll fit in somewhere nicely in between - and add further to the mix.
Both the outboards are now going fine - after Mick and Lindsay called in yesterday - and I got Mick to take a look at the little Johnson.   He cleaned the 'points' again - but I'd say - properly this time - because it immediately fired up and was running perfectly.
So today I pulled out the next one - a 2hp Yamaha - and gave it the same treatment (after all - it had been sitting unused for about 3 years too) - and lo and behold - it started up fine too.   So I threw it on the back of the dory dinghy and Penny and I headed out to the moored yachts for a run. (Did I ever mention that Penny doesn't like getting sea spray in the face?)
As you can see - the yacht is sitting bow down - a few inches - with the full water tanks up forward - and the anchor chain in the bow too - and with all the rest of the water and fuel tanks from about threequarters forward right through - empty.
Penny has been extremely busy - resting - sleeping - eating - resting - and every now and tthen barking at someone on the other side of the dock a safe distance from her and the yacht.   The level of her bravery and the aggression of her bark is directly proportional to how far they are away - and the further away they are - the tougher she can act.
You will notice too - how high her cushions are - that's so she's got a good view of everything going on around - that is - provided of course - she's not just sound asleep between them.
 Rodney & Penny ('I'm the vicis guard dog')

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