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Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2007 9:31 PM
Subject: Around the Bay - sunken yacht cleaned up - evening - Pilot Boat - it's a tough job

Hi there.   Here are a few more bits and pieces of the going's on here.
The sunken yacht has been taken out of the water and stripped out of all the water logged furnishings and gear - and then given a serious talking to with the high pressure washer - that they use here in the yard to clean off the bottoms of all the boats.
The owners apparently surrendered the wreck to the Maritime Services - who paid for it to be salvaged and now own it.   It's apparently going back on a mooring until it's sold to pay for the salvage costs.   There have been various versions of the sinking - but as best I can make out - one of the inexperienced owners - not understanding the workings of the skin fitting plumbing - apparently thought he was closing a sea cock valve - when in fact it was merely a Y valve in the system.   This then allowed water to siphon back in - through a fully open skin fitting.    The fellow then left the yacht and went to the Club for dinner and drinks - and the yacht sunk that night.
But as you can see - now that it's getting cleaned up - it doesn't look too bad - and appears to have a nice shape and reasonably seaworthy - with mast - sails - and all the necessary gear.
And today - a large Pilot Boat - that works around the Port - came in for a quick lift - out and straight back in.   It had picked up some rope - wrapped around one of it's props - and it was really only out of the water for a few minutes - and then on it's way.
After a few little jobs - like a broken tap valve in the water cooling system - that required removing 5' of exhaust pipe and 3 hoses - to get off and replace.   The engine appears to be working just fine - the engine and exhaust cooling systems - all seem to be functioning as intended - and the gearbox seems AOK as well - as I kicked it into forward and reverse gears and it engaged the drive turning the prop - correctly - which is all reassuring..   Although we didn't go anywhere at all - as we are still tied to the dock - and it was about half tide - and we were firmly settled a couple of feet into the bottom.    But all appears ready to go - when the time does come for the big yacht to move under it's own power - in the next few days??
And just in case you were wondering . . . . . . . .
Yes - Penny has been hard at it too.
I've got nothin more to say.