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When things settle down a little more - and I get a few more important things attended to here on board - I will do a full gallery and probably try and make a PowerPoint Slide Show - of a selection of the best - but I thought you might like to have a look at these few - I've done.
We've had some visitors and helpers over the past few days - and yesterday John Meyn brought down the Carib Dory 12' Runabout - and ran it across the Bay to me - so I could work properly on the side of the yacht - it even has a full shade bimini cover.
The other day - while trying to get into that stupid little dinghy - it overturned and I had to swim to shore and clamber through the mud - so - getting one of the bigger runabouts was essential - and the another high priority will be to construct that new boarding ladder over the stern (which has been on the books for years) which has now become a necessity.
I will send out some photos of the last few days - tonight - I hope.
I'm sorry to be sending them a few at a time - but I haven't been able to spend as much time on the computer - the days have been long with lot's to do - but there's now plenty of time - the yacht is sound and good - and we'll get there with everything - I'm sure.
Rodney & Penny



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