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Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2007 3:21 PM
Subject: Day 1 - at the dock - still securing the hull - on a rainy day - covered over - with a dramatic low tide lean

It's now raining steadily here - and I've had to cover the open cockpit area with a large sail section - I had erected the ss posts for the roof  to go back up - when the rain set in - and I couldn't get it up in time.   So perhaps later when I can get some help - or maybe even the crane that has been just loaded onto a barge alongside - to go out and raise/salvage a '40' yacht - that has sunk in the bay - apparently from poor hull fittings flooding.
I've put some more wall plates on inside - just to make everything is super secure - but it's not going anywhere - now it's locked in to all the guide plates and sealed.
It's dead low tide here and  we are now well and truly sitting on the bottom - probably partly buried - with more than 5' more of the front of the yacht - up out of the water - and we've got a distinct 'uphill' look to the inside of the yacht - it should do us no harm - and the yacht is sitting quite firmly between the rope tyre fenders either side.
It has already been mentioned that the yacht has no mast - although masts are not put on until 'anytime' AFTER the yacht is launched (from 1 hour to never) depending on your finances.   And I have already pointed out before - that I have a complete set of sails - in huge bags - now on the deck - but DO NOT have a mast ffor the yacht - because I cannot afford one.   I will just have to see what transpires over time - but the yacht is still capable of motoring - for thousands of miles under power.   So if anyone out there has a huge mast 95' high - with a 35' boom - for free - then just let me - and I'll be right around to get it.
I'll carry on inside - cleaning up - MY GOD !! - there's even big bushy Gum tree branches in the bathroom - and the rest of the yacht looks like Cyclone Tracey hit it.   This area upstairs is about the cleanest it's ever been - and Penny is once again sound asleep on the leather sofa chair behind me - and we all know how much she hates raindrops.
Here are a couple of snaps - I don't have the lifting - because I gave the full card to Chris to download - and he will bring me the photos tomorrow.
Rodney & Penny
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