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Download click here Download click here Download click here
Download click here Download click here Download click here Download click here
Photo Gadget Resizer is a free program
which is very simple - in a few clicks
you can resize 1 or 100's of photos into  
new smaller, web/email friendly copies

I have put the download link on another
special page with some guide photos.
Click here to go to the Download Page
to Download click here
When you L-click to download you should see the window above.
Click '
Save'  - and the window on the right should appear.
You must select the location on your computor to save the file to.
eg. this file on the right is being Saved to 'My Documents'
with a FileName of 'New_Mouse'
and as a File type of 'Windows Media Audio/Video file'
then just click the 'Save' button - and the file will be downloaded
to that location.   You then simply navigate to that location on your
computor and open the file.
If when you L-click, the download window doesn't appear,
then, R-click on the Download button, and select from the
drop down menu 'Save Target as....' - and the window
above should then appear.
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Winzip9 will not open RAR files.
WinRar will open ALL types of zip archives.
Ultimate Zip will open ALL types of zip archives.

I have all three installed, but mostly use Winzip, a lot of people now seem to be going over to the others because
Winzip10 is not free anymore.

You could just install Ultimate Zip, and it should do everything.

It will (like all programs want to take over the world) want to 'associate itself with all the 'file types' so thereafter every
'zip file' will appear as a yellow 'ultimate zip' file, and be opened by it.

There's no problem with this, particularly if it's the only zip program you're using, but if you are used to seeing the
WinZip symbol on files or whatever, you can go into 'Options'>'configuration'>'file formats' - and then select or
deselect the file types.

Also it is here in Options>Configuration>Explorer Shell Extension - that you specify which things should appear in the
Menu when you R-click on a file.   If you have ever used WinZip or WinRar then you will know they put the same things
in the R-click menu.

If you don't do anything at all, then the program will just handle all zip files and put itself on the R-click menu

After the program is installed, you should then be able to R-click on a Zip file and the drop down menu will contain
WinZip or WinRar or Ultimate Zip, whichever you've installed.   When you put the cursor over the item name, a further
list of options will appear.   You can then select to 'extract to here', or, extract to here using the file name as a folder',
either way the file will be extracted from the Zip and placed nearby, where it will appear as a new normal file, you can
then just click to open.

If you just double-click on a Zip file, the program will open and show you what's in the Zip.   You can then double-click
on the item to view it, or select from the top menu to extract it to your computor.

To create a Zip file, you only need to select/highlight a file, by L-clicking on it, or any number of files by L-click/hold
down, near one, and dragging a highlight box over several files.   Then again from the R-click menu that appears, just
select/hover on WinZip, and from the next list select 'add to Zip etc', and it will immediately create a Zip file right there
alongside, containing the selected files.

The benefits of this are:
- the files are compressed and smaller to send,
- you can put several or many files in the one Zip, and its just a single file to attach or upload, instead of having to do
one after another picture like now,
- you can also send Programs and EXE files, that you can't normally send with Emails.   

So a single Zip file can contain many different things, and can be added to as many times as you like.   (It's also easy to
put a password on the Zip if you want)

Rodney & thedogpaddler

if you have any problems or questions, let me know


This is probably the best, most realistic fish tank you'll ever see, you almost have to buy fishfood.   When you have
downloaded the file you can play it like any .scr file by just double-clicking on it.   You will need to enter the word
TESTFISH to try it.   See further details in the email I sent you.

To Install it as an actual screensaver to appear in the screensaver list, when you R-click on the front screen and select
'properties' > 'screensaver'.   Then you simply have to copy the 'ssfish.scr' file  to  C:\WINDOWS\System32


I have put this here as an alternative way for you to play the Flash films (SWF).   With this file on your computor you
can drag and drop any flash movie onto it, and it will start to play it for you.
If you have a FlashPlayer installed (it may have downloaded automatically when you opened a page with Flash on it -
such as most of thedogpaddler pages) then Flash files will appear with an 'f' as the icon on them, but if not, the flash
file may just appear as an unidentified 'little blank page' file, that Windows says it can't open.   Well that's not quite true,
because if you are seeing any of the flash pages and music buttons on thedogpaddler then plainly you are able to play
Flash files.
1.   If you R-click on the Flash file (you've downloaded, or I've sent in an email) and select 'Open with' > 'Internet
Explorer' you will find that Internet Explorer will play the file quite happily, because it's had the Flash  plug-in
downloaded and installed automatically.
2.   You will also find that even the Windows Media Player 10 will play Flash movie files - if you again just R-click on the
Flash file and select 'Open with' > 'Windows Media Player'.
3.   Then as the last resort you can just use this Flash 8 Projector I've provided and L-click down - drag and drop the
flash file on top of it, and it will play.


This is one of many thousands of funny little videos off the net.   I will put a 'BEST OF' selection here sometime.

This is a Windows Media Video file and should play straight out on a double-click,  in the Windows Media Player.   It's a
good one to send on in an email.


I captured this teddy off the net, (using Infine Capture Flash) from a pop up ad window.   I extracted him from the clip
and all those links, and now he works for me, doing lot's of different songs, and he's much happier.   It is a simple little
Flash film (SWF)(shockwave flash)   When you click the 'Download' link it will probably play.   To download it,  just
R-click (the 'download' button)  > 'Save target as...' and save the file to your computor - you will then have the dancing
teddy yourself - and can send him in an email to others.


Email me at